Foreign Languages

A good knowledge of foreign languages can open a gateway to the wide range of careers.

By the globalization of the industries, our work, our education and others, it is being compulsory to learn the different languages of the different country.

Before a couple of decades, it was only the hobby course. The people, who wanted to know the history and culture of the second language, only learnt the language. But now, the scene is different. Now the language programmes have become a professional career programme. The requirement of experts in second language is increasing day-to-day. If you need to expand your business abroad, then proficiency in foreign language could be handy for booming your business.

Learning a foreign language challenges your brain and you get the satisfaction of learning something new. It provides a helping hand in knowing other cultures and life styles which in turn makes your international travels easy and enjoyable. From the career point of view, knowing a foreign language proves to be an additional point and helps create more business opportunities. Learning a foreign language helps enrich your personality and carry a different, a more positive attitude. One learns to appreciate films, music, arts & sports of different cultures. Learning a foreign language is another feather in your cap and plus it is a lot of FUN at SIFIL!!!